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About Us

The Kuhnhenn Guild of Brewers (KGB) was established in 2006 to promote the responsible appreciation of the brewing arts, provide a forum for learning, and to generally advance the understanding of beer and brewing to not only club members but to the general public as well. Our mission statement:

"To discuss all things homebrewing unfettered and inclusive of all brewing knowledge, styles, methods, practices, art, science, and history, without discrimination. To engage in enjoyable social activities and events that focus on homebrewing and/or craft beer as a common foundation. To promote the AHA and BJCP, and actively promote good judging practices as specified per BJCP standards. To promote homebrewing in all aspects including, but not limited to education, communication, and evaluation. To evaluate all things brewed by our members, sponsors, associates, peers, and honored guests."

We have been a registered club with the American Homebrew Association (AHA) since 2006 and are dedicated to the support of the craft both recreationally and professionally. Sponsored by the renowned Kuhnhenn Brewery in Warren, MI. We meet once a month to taste, present, and discuss all things beer!!!

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