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Club Equipment Policy

The KGB offers up a selection of club-purchased equipment, available for members to check out as needed. Below are the requirements and details of this process.

Requirements to Check-Out Club Equipment

To check out equipment, members must be:

  • A club member for at least three months
  • Up to date on your club dues
  • In good-standing with the equipment checkout policy

Deposit and Rental Fee

Certain pieces of club equipment will require a deposit and rental fee to check out, which is detailed on the equipment list. Members must pay the deposit and rental fee prior to checking out the items. As long as the equipment is returned in the same condition as the point of checkout, the deposit will be returned to the member. The rental fee will be kept by the club to cover depreciation and replacement of parts for the equipment. If the club equipment is not returned in good condition, the member may be in violation of the rental policy (see below).


The KGB asks that members clean the equipment to the best of their ability prior to returning it to the club. We acknowledge some wear to equipment is expected, and covered by the rental fee. However, if equipment is returned in a condition not deemed acceptable by club officers, members may be in violation of the rental policy (see below).


Members are allowed to check out equipment for a reasonable amount of time, as determined by the club officers. We ask that once the member is finished, equipment should be returned for use of other club members. If an extension is needed, please inform the club officers. Failure to return club equipment in a reasonable amount of time may result in violation of the equipment policy (see below).

Violation of Rental Policy

Any violation of the club's equipment policy may result in one or all of the below actions:

  • Forfeiture of deposit
  • Ineligibility to borrow club equipment in the future
  • Removal from club

While we acknowledge that occasionally issues may arise, we ask that members be respectful of the equipment, which will allow the club to continue the rental program and expand it to include additional equipment.

Checkout Process

By proceeding with the checkout process, the member acknowledges and accepts the terms outlined above.

The current club equipment list is available here. Please send an email to the club to begin the process. We may automate this in the future.

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